FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are you guys still "open" and transacting property sales? 
YES!  It's surely an unprecedented time, but given that most of our functions can be done remotely and we have flexibility in executing documents electronically, this is not going to slow us down other than the slight possibility of delays in typical response times!  Given what we are all facing, I'd like to think everyone will be understanding of this! We are taking all precations to ensure the safety of our employees and customers and to continue on finding our new normals.  We'd be happy to answer any specific concerns anyone has.  The only dumb questions are the ones not asked. Please stay home and stay well whereever possible! 

May I visit the property prior to purchasing? 
You may use the maps and address information provided to look at the property prior to completing your purchase if you wish. We will, however, be unable to meet you there. Please remember this is not like a home that needs to be unlocked or accessed securely. We simply ask you be respectful to any neighbors when approaching parcels we offer for sale.

When may I utilize the property once I purchase it?
As soon as you purchase the property, whether paying in full or financing, you have immediate access! Any rules regarding use, improvements, upkeep, etc. imposed by the county or HOA (if applicable) must be adhered to. Obviously, we require that you remain current on your land payments as well.

What are my assurances that I am purchasing property from a real company?
The Lot Shop is an affiliate of Comian Investment Group, Inc. established in 2008! With our combined principals having 75 years of experience in real estate and finance, we can assure you, you are in great hands! You may look at current ownership of any of our lots offered for sale in public records and you will find entities under Comian's direct managment holding title. In short, we own the land we are offering for sale!

Did you know you can elect to Finance a Lot and we'll honor the wholesale cash price for 10 days after?
The Lot Shop understands you may have changing circumstances or may elect to utilize a different form of finance later, as such we will honor the wholesale cash price and provide a statement in your finance package.  This is to give you added flexibility and assurances in our process and the lots we sell!

How do I know my information is safe and secure? 
The Lot Shop uses the latest industry security protocols to protect your personal data and payment information. All data sent and received by our website is transmitted via our 256-bit SSL certificate provided by DigiCert (https://www.digicert.com). You can confirm this certificate is active by looking for the lock icon in your browser address bar and insuring that our web address starts with HTTPS. This ensures that any information passing between you and our site is kept secure and private. In addition, your payment information is encrypted when you enter it, and is never stored in our database. All information for the payment methods we offer, including credit card and ACH, are encrypted and securely handled by Stripe ( https://stripe.com), a top-level online payment processor and our trusted partner. At any time, you may ask us to delete any payment method associated with your customer account and/or your customer account itself. Please also note that the password associated with your customer account is encrypted and stored securely in our database. Finally, on a constant basis, our system is monitored for hacker intrusions and security vulnerabilities and is kept up to date with latest software updates to keep our site secure and running at its best. In summary, we make your security and the privacy of your data a top priority at The Lot Shop. 

How may I finance my purchase?  What is the process?
We offer owner financing with no credit check and no qualifying process. It's very simple! Ensure you are on the financing tab of the parcel of interest to view terms offered. We require your first months' payment, document fee and applicable transfer taxes.  ACH, credit or debit cards can be used to pay these fees.  Recurring monthly payments can be made by check, automatic ACH withdrawals, or even credit card payments. If at anytime you need to change or update your payment source, we will happily assist you in doing so.   

What payment methods are accepted?
For Cash Sales, we accept ACH (limit of $10,000 online, however, we can arrange invoice with no limits), cashiers checks, wire transfers and credit/debit cards.  For Owner Financing, credit or debit cards or ACH may be used to pay the required deposit, recording, stamp and processing fees.  Recurring monthly payments can be made by check, automatic ACH withdrawals, or even credit card payments.  Once cleared funds are received (3-5 days for credit cards or 10-14 for ACH) packages are immediately prepared.  You will then receive your closing package directly from us or be emailed the copy of the executed Deed as we provide to county for final recording with appropriate fees.  

Does the property have road access?
All of our properties have road access unless noted otherwise in the individual property listing.

How can I find out about land use or building regulations for a property? 
While we provide any information about zoning and land use on properties to the best of our knowledge, we encourage you to do your own research by calling, emailing or visiting the county zoning and planing division where the property is located.  Most can then give you extensive information about allowable uses for the property if you provide them with the appraiser's parcel number (APN) located on each of our listings.

How can I find out about utilities at a specific property?
If we are aware of utilities for a specific property we will include any information available, however, we recommend you do your own due dilligence by discussing utilities directly with the county for the most recent information available.  Feel free to call, email or visit the county where the property is located. 

How much does septic, well, sewer tie ins, etc. cost?
As you can see from pricing, our lots are priced to move vs. other lots in the area.  We price this way assuming most individuals are doing their own research on the available utilities and any expenses to tie in or test.  We are unable to give you any information on this is as it varies from property to property and county to county.  Please do your own research and contact vendors in area to complete your due dilligence.

How do I find flood information?
Please visit https://msc.fema.gov/portal/search#searchresultsanchor and type in the property address.  

Do any of the properties have back taxes?
Taxes for the prior year or years have likely been paid through our foreclosure process.  Evidence of payment can be viewed upon the applicable Counties/ Public Tax Collector website.  If, however, tax liabilities exist for the prior year(s), Seller will pay immediately upon receipt of purchase price and fees, and will provide evidence of same to Purchaser within 10 business days of receipt of all cleared funds.  Any liabilities for the current tax billing cycle shall be the sole responsibility of the Purchaser. 

May I make additional payments or pay off my loan early?
Absolutely, make any payments or request a payoff balance at anytime.  There are no penalties to pay off your loan early! In fact, it simply saves you money by not paying additional interest on your principal balance!

I've read through the FAQs and still have questions... 
Please feel free to contact us through our form or call us at 877-665-LOTS and we will do our very best to assist you!