At The Lot Shop our goal is to make this purchase process, fast, easy and pleasurable!  We want you to purchase the best quality property you can reasonably afford!  Whatever your goals, we want to exceed your expectations. With highly discounted cash prices and NO QUALIFYING finance terms- we offer options to fit every wallet & situation.  

The Lot Shop is an affiliate company of Comian Investment Group, Inc. a private investment company founded in 2008, who specializes in private mortgages and tax lien investments.  While many of the investments made by Comian simply pay off, others they come to own through deeds in lieu and other transfers of title.  We have partnered with Comian to create a one stop online presence of listings to sell off at steeply discounted rates in order for them to return capital to their investors while we place land and immediate equity to our new lot purchasers' pockets!  A win win of sorts. 

The Lot Shop makes it easy for you to obtain and own that property you have always dreamed of.  Whether you are a developer, long-term investor, starting out to build your first home or wanting a property for recreational or vacation purposes, our aim is to provide you with land investments that will enhance your life!

So let’s Shop A Lot … Because they’re not making land anymore!